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What is happening?

The Board did meet on Saturday 28th March, we did maintain our social distancing from each other and some very fruitful decisions were made!

Our members and guests will appreciate the newly cleaned and deodorised carpet.

Alterations have been completed to the poker machine/gaming room and the adjacent female toilet, achieving greater privacy & allowing a new TV to be positioned on the wall.

The new kitchen equipment has been installed.

Staff are being looked after having been upgraded to the latest job seeker allowance until they return.

ADDED to the list:

The auditorium will be enhanced with some modifications and newly polished flooring.

The club entrance and sign-in facility will be altered.

Painting to be undertaken.

New Large televisions to be installed

Lighting to be provided to the walkway to the greenkeepers shed

I will endeavour to keep everyone up to date as often as needed but as a minimum weekly.